Vectors 2019: SkySwitch, Adaptiv Unveil SD-WAN Collaboration to Reseller Community

SkySwitch, a channel-exclusive white label UCaaS provider, used its Vectors 2019 reseller and partner community user conference to officially announce the release of a new SD-WAN product suite sold in collaboration with Adaptiv Networks. Vectors 2019 is currently taking place in Orlando, Fla., through Wednesday.

SkySwitch resellers will now be able to sell the Adaptiv SD-WAN solution to their customers. Sold in the SkySwitch online store, SkySwitch resellers receive preferred pricing on Adaptiv’s solutions, and have access to rapid service provisioning, ongoing support and SD-WAN sales certification training, said the companies.

The value proposition behind a collaboration between UCaaS and cloud-managed SD-WAN offering is relatively intuitive. In order for end customers to take full advantage and be fully satisfied with UCaaS capabilities, there must be a high-level of quality and reliability in the network delivering those UCaaS services. Partners, meanwhile, gain visibility of their customer’s UCaaS traffic through Adaptiv’s management layer.

“Broadband reliability and performance make our SD-WAN solution ideal for telecom and more reliable for voice communications,” said Adaptiv CEO, Bernard Breton. “For business, real-time communication is as mission-critical as it gets. Adaptiv SD-WAN assures any business cloud apps that need to be running, stay running.”

The arrangement between Adaptiv and SkySwith likewise was a natural fit in that both companies are 100% percent indirect and both target the mid-market. Adaptiv’s focus is on providing the mid-market with an affordable and very simple-to-use, easy-to-deploy SD-WAN solution. All the heavy lifting is handed by Adaptiv’s network of distributed gateways utilizing patented software, while the functions and provisioning of edge devices are kept simple, explained Breton – a simplicity many partners also can appreciate.

“The edge devices handle only what it necessary for them to handle,” said Bretton.

According to Breton, smaller and mid-sized companies spend an inordinate amount on technology in relation to revenue when compared to large enterprises – about 2 percent of revenue goes to tech at large firms while around 6 percent of revenue is spent on tech by smaller companies. In other words, the smaller and mid-sized firms are price conscious, said Bretton.

“SkySwitch is committed to empowering our reseller community with the best in class solutions. Our rollout of the Adaptiv SD-WAN will significantly expand sales opportunities for our resellers,” added Eric Hernaez, founder and president of SkySwitch. “More than just another source of recurring revenue, innovative SD-WAN solutions that are complete, agile and bundled with UCaaS, makes for a far more sticky solution.”