Versa SASE Named Industry Leader by GigaOm

Versa Networks, a leader in SASE, announced GigaOm, an industry analyst firm providing technical, operational and business advice for IT’s strategic digital enterprise and business initiatives, has named Versa as an industry leader in its “GigaOm Radar for Evaluating Secure Service Access (SSA)” report published earlier this month.

GigaOm Radar reports provide forward-looking analysis that plots the relative value and progression of vendor solutions along multiple axes based on strategy and execution, roadmap, and ability to innovate.

The GigaOm report compares 15 leading SSA vendors and identifies industry leaders, challengers, and new entrants based on a breakdown of each vendor’s offering across important SSA Metrics, including ease of use; performance; interoperability; redundancy; vision, monitoring and auditing; pricing and TCO; support; and roadmap and vision.

The report also differentiated solutions and named leaders based on specific security capabilities, including domain name system security, secure web gateway, firewall-as-a-service, cloud access security broker, zero trust network access, endpoint threat detection and response, and network threat detection and response.

According to the report, “A converged, integrated, and scalable solution, Versa SASE offers best-of-breed security, advanced networking, industry-leading SD-WAN, true multi-tenancy, and advanced analytics. Available on-premises, cloud-delivered, or hosted by Versa-powered service providers, it simplifies and streamlines the management of networking and security policies and services…Built from the ground up, Versa SASE delivers increased security and consistent security policies across branches, remote offices, and individual users, eliminating security gaps and vulnerabilities introduced when connecting multiple security solutions. Customers deploying Versa SASE also report significant increases in business and application performance for multi-cloud and on-premises deployments.”

GigaOm also provided additional information into its vendor assessment in its “Key Criteria for Evaluating Secure Service Access: An Evaluation Guide for Technology Decision Makers” report.

Versa SASE delivers tightly integrated services via the cloud, on-premises, or as a blended combination of both via Versa Operating System (VOS) with a single-pass parallel processing architecture and managed through a single pane of glass. Versa began delivering SASE services five years ago.

According to the report, “Secure service access (SSA) represents a significant shift in the way organizations consume network security, enabling them to replace multiple security vendors with a single, integrated platform offering full interoperability and end-to-end resiliency. Encompassing secure access service edge (SASE), zero-trust network access (ZTNA), and extended detection and response (XDR), SSA shifts the focus of security consumption from the data center or network edge to ubiquitous users, apps, and devices everywhere. SSA solution vendors enable organizations to roll out reliable and robust access controls for any user, device, or application anywhere in the world, thereby increasing organizational confidence in ubiquitous security without introducing new complexities or reducing performance.”

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