Vonage Wraps Nexmo Acquisition

Vonage Holdings has completed the acquisition of privately-held Nexmo.

San Francisco-based Nexmo provides application program interfaces (APIs) for text messaging and voice communications, allowing developers and enterprises to embed contextual, programmable communications into mobile apps, websites and business systems, creating better customer engagement and integrated workflows.

“We are excited to complete the Nexmo acquisition, which positions Vonage as among the largest and fastest growing cloud communications companies in the world. This transaction combines the best of UCaaS with the best of CPaaS to deliver the most complete product offering in cloud communications,” said Alan Masarek, Vonage CEO. “Not only does Nexmo expand our total addressable market, but we have acquired a cutting-edge technology company that is redefining how enterprises communicate with their customers via text, social media, voice and chat.”

He continued, “Nexmo enhances Vonage’s UCaaS offering by incorporating messaging and web/app-based voice to address businesses’ rapidly increasing mobile, social media and contextual communications needs. Whether helping the world’s largest e-commerce platform to provide in-app messaging communications to end users, or enabling a leading global airline to connect its CRM software to chat apps and manage the customer experience, Nexmo is changing the way businesses communicate with their customers.”

Nexmo has offices in London, Honng Kong and Singapore in addition to its San Francisco headquarters, and is the world’s second largest CPaaS company as measured by revenue. Nexmo has a global network of interconnected carriers, more than 650 in total, delivering a communications platform for messaging, programmable voice and chat apps. Nexmo also has more than 350 tech-savvy enterprise customers worldwide, more than 114,000 registered developers and processes more than 5 billion API calls annually.

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