Vultr Adds Early Access to Cloud Inference Beta

Vultr announced early access to its Vultr cloud inference beta, on private reservation.

This introduction comes in response to demand for businesses to adeptly deploy AI models as advanced computing platforms become more crucial for high performance, organizations prioritize inference spending to operationalize models and obstacles are encountered to optimizing for diverse regions, managing servers and maintaining low latency.

Vultr Cloud Inference’s serverless architecture eliminates the complexities of managing and scaling infrastructure, delivering:

  • Flexibility in AI model integration and migration.
  • Reduced AI infrastructure complexity.
  • Automated scaling of inference-optimized infrastructure.
  • Private, dedicated compute resources.
  • Seamless scalability, reduced operational complexity and enhanced performance for AI projects on a serverless platform that is designed to meet innovation demands at any scale.

Users can immediately start with worldwide inference, it noted, by reserving NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper superchips.

Learn more about getting early access to Vultr cloud inference beta. For more on Vultr’s partner program opportunities, click here.