Vultr Expands Partnership with Virtuozzo

Vultr, a cloud computing platform, has expanded its partnership with Virtuozzo, a full-stack cloud platform orchestrator, to offer managed service providers (MSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and enterprise companies high-performance, composable cloud infrastructure, with unified multi-cloud application management capabilities for critical workloads.

As MSPs, ISVs, and enterprises expand their cloud infrastructure to support the acceleration and scalability of their workloads, they can opt into Vultr’s composable cloud, which includes high-performance cloud computing, cloud GPU, bare metal, and cloud storage worldwide.

By expanding workloads to Vultr on the Virtuozzo Application Platform, customers can maximize price-to-performance for their multi-cloud investments, liberating themselves from cost hikes and vendor lock-in.

Faced with growing IT environment complexity as they undergo modernization and transformation, enterprises increasingly engage with MSPs to help design and manage a mix of applications within on-premises and cloud environments, driving the aggregate managed services market to close to $100 billion by 2026.

With the adoption of alternative cloud providers surging, Virtuozzo and Vultr offer multicloud application orchestration on composable cloud infrastructure to power these data-intensive workloads globally.

With Vultr’s cloud compute options integrated with Virtuozzo’s multi-cloud application platform, MSPs, ISVs and enterprises can harness the advantages of multi-cloud architecture at the infrastructure and application levels:

  • Improved Multicloud Flexibility and Scalability – In addition to the array of cloud computing services provided by Virtuozzo, this partnership empowers users to select the highest-performance cloud infrastructure from Vultr. This ensures the ability to scale cloud infrastructure precisely, according to each customer’s respective requirements, effortlessly adapting cloud presence to evolving demands and business requirements.
  • Optimal Cost Efficiency – The seamless selection of the most cost-effective Vultr cloud services and pricing models for different workloads enables optimized multi-cloud costs based on local market dynamics.
  • Local Compliance and Data Residency – The ability to store and process data within desired geographic borders enables engineering teams to meet data protection and privacy regulations for storing and processing data within their borders and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Geographic coverage across the globe – The seamless access to strategically positioned composable cloud infrastructure across Vultr’s 32 cloud data center locations worldwide enables reduced latency, improved performance and enhanced overall user experience.

Virtuozzo is the latest partner to join Vultr’s Cloud Alliance. Touting a growing ecosystem of partners, including Cloud 66, Backblaze, Nestify, Domino, Zeet, Yext and Console Connect, the Cloud Alliance enables organizations to build custom cloud operations from an ecosystem of enterprise-grade IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers, so they can scale and meet their needs at every stage.

To learn more about the Virtuozzo and Vultr partnership, visit: here.

For more information on the Vultr Cloud Alliance, visit: here.