Wildix Americas Announces Growth in Partner Network

Wildix, a developer of a web-based unified communications and collaboration solution, announced its average revenue per partner has grown 42 percent. This news comes as some other UC companies shrink workforces and restructure business operations.

Wildix attributes the growth to strong products and a healthy increase in year-on-year demand. The company also announced its average projected lifetime of MSPs is now 14.7 years and growing. This means that MSPs are likely to stay with Wildix for more than a decade – and possibly longer.

“Our partners’ success is our success,” said Steve Osler, founder and CEO of Wildix. “In a time where there is incredible uncertainty across the tech world, MSPs can trust in the stability and reliability of the Wildix solution as a means to improve margins, stabilize cash flows and deliver true value to their end-customers.”

Wildix’s Partner growth comes at a time when the company also is seeing growth in its international SIP trunking service, CLASSOUND, as the number of licenses has increased by more than 150 percent in the past year.

Wildix’s CLASSOUND is a 100 percent secure SIP trunking solution that delivers HD quality VoIP service to local and international calls in more than 200 countries. The service is available for all Wildix phone systems out of the box, requiring no additional configuration.

Wildix recently announced a five-year partnership with Veesion, the AI camera software provider, to deliver AI camera capabilities to the x-hoppers retail solution. x-hoppers is a complete retail headset solution designed to deliver process efficiencies for retailers through enhanced communications.

“The move comes as interest increases in stopping retail theft and enhancing business opportunities for retailers through improved integration with their e-commerce profile and physical stores,” said Timothy Truelove, country manager of the Americas branch at Wildix Inc. “The system created by this partnership can reduce theft by up to 60 percent.”

Wildix hosts its 2023 Americas Partner Day will take place July 16-18 in Chicago, where partners are offered the opportunity to learn more about marketing, sales and processes as well as a new tool that will help them reach new verticals. Registration information can be found here.

For more information, visit Wildix.com.