WISPTV Offers WISPs Turnkey OTT Solution

After implementing it on its own platform, WISPTV has built a white-label turnkey over-the-top (OTT) service that allows WISPs to offer live TV, movies and other great content to their subscribers. In less than 24 hours, the company can build out a fully customized platform for WISP businesses that will allow their customers to watch their favorite TV content, and even record live programs on a cloud DVR without taxing existing infrastructure. WISPTV’s OTT content is a great complement to the standard streaming services that current subscribers already are using such as Netflix, Hulu and others.

“As a WISP ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways to maximize revenue per user and minimize subscriber churn,” said WISPTV executives. “Today, we want to share an opportunity that we leveraged to maximize RPU, minimize churn and reduce bandwidth costs by bringing video applications inside our network.”

The platform works on all internet connected devices including smart TVs, and an IPTV box can be branded with a WISP’s logo. “The platform allows WISPs to fully control the branding and customer experience for their subscribers in order to provide a truly integrated service extension,” said the company.