Wiz Bolsters Channel with New Partner Program

Wiz, a cloud security platform that enables customers to find and remove critical cloud risks, has launched a partner program emphasizing Wiz’s commitment to the channel. The Wiz Partner Program was created to accelerate sales and provide partners incentives in cloud security, including enhanced products and solutions for customers.

The launch comes at a crucial time for the industry. Business cloud usage is expanding rapidly, with 57 percent of companies using more than one cloud system, according to the State of the Cloud report from Wiz, showing there’s never been a better time to increase channel investment. The program will allow Wiz to grow offerings with channel partners – fostering existing relationships and building new ones, something that will be increasingly important as cloud systems and security continues to grow and evolve.

“We’ve seen cloud breaches explode over the past year, and we want to make sure organizations feel both their workloads and customer information is protected,” said Assaf Rappaport, co-founder and CEO of Wiz. “Taking a community approach to securing cloud environments is crucial, it ensures all teams are equipped with access to the right solutions. We’re aiming to do just that with the Partner Program.”

Wiz’s Partner Program will offer three tiers of classification: Registered, Focus and Premier. The program will provide partners with technology integration frameworks, product training and co-marketing opportunities, all of which will support the partners’ go-to-market strategies.

To support the launch of the program Wiz has invested in a partner portal system that allows partners access to sales, marketing and training materials. Wiz also has revamped its Deal Registration Program to align with the Wiz Partner Program ethos. The tiered program is structured so partners can advance to unlock additional benefits and discounts by achieving revenue goals based on net new business to Wiz and investing resources in enabling their teams to build a Wiz practice. The launch ushers in an era of cloud security and business framework for Wiz, achieving its goal of a channel-focused business model.

“We’re putting channel at the center of our business, it’s something we’ve been working towards for a long time,” said Wiz CRO Colin Jones. “At the end of the day, our partnerships with other security leaders are too valuable to place anywhere else and together our products and solutions will make the lives of end user organizations that much better. Investing in cloud security together is something we can do to ensure the attack surface shrinks.”

The Wiz Partner Program will bring channel partners and cloud service providers together to ensure a comprehensive approach in securing cloud environments.

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