‘Zomentum Grow’ Expands with Discovery Engine

Zomentum, creators of an intelligent revenue platform for technology partners, announced it is rebranding its flagship sales acceleration application as Zomentum Grow. The news comes several months after the acquisition of Goolash, a license reconciliation and automated billing solution that was renamed Zomentum Connect.

Zomentum Grow, which is part of the company’s Revenue Intelligence Platform, also expands its capabilities to include a software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketplace. Aptly named Discover, it enables tech partners to find SaaS solutions to meet the needs of their small and medium (SMB) clients.

The addition of Discover to Zomentum Grow adds to the end-to-end functionality of the sales acceleration application that combines several tools in one. Technology partners can drive sales through the application’s seven modules, which enable them to:

  • Assess how to deliver value by identifying client gaps
  • Discover innovative SaaS solutions to recommend
  • Design professional quotes and proposals
  • Convert deals with activity management
  • Automate tedious sales tasks
  • Analyze team progress and pipeline health
  • Expand revenue streams with QBRs

The Discover marketplace enables technology partners to find, sign up and recommend SaaS solutions. Sourcing solutions and adding them to sales proposals in Zomentum Grow is seamless.

With the Zomentum Grow sales acceleration app, tech partners on average can create documents 70 percent faster and close twice as many deals with a 600 percent increase in deal value.

Partners interested in leveraging Zomentum Grow can sign up for an account at www.zomentum.com/demo/grow.  Mention promo code WELCOMESPRING30 and get 30 percent off. The offer ends soon.