1025Connect Adds DE-CIX to NYC Peering Point

1025Connect has added DE-CIX, a carrier and data center-neutral internet exchange operator, to its stable of tenants in its New York peering point.

The DE-CIX New York internet exchange platform is Open-IX certified and has now established a Point of Presence (PoP) within 1025Connect that serves as host to the easternmost peering point in the New York Metro area.

This ‘Continental Edge’ at 1025Connect offers access to global submarine cable systems that land on Long Island, and access to over 150 unique networks, while enabling direct access to European and LATAM networks looking to peer with U.S.-based content providers.

“With the addition of DE-CIX New York, 1025Connect has enhanced its highly unique offering,” said Dan Lunde, managing director, 1025Connect. “1025Connect now provides Long Island businesses as well as global content and carrier networks the unprecedented opportunity to manage Internet traffic more efficiently and reliably while at the same time reducing their operating expenses.”

Ed d’Agostino, vice president, DE-CIX North America, “DE-CIX New York’s expansion to 1025Connect’s carrier-neutral data center marks the first peering exchange to be directly available on Long Island, further fulfilling our mission of bringing exchange access to a greater number of data centers and networks and expanding the New York peering community. With this deployment, 1025Connect customers can get Layer 2 access to the nearly 150 networks available on DE-CIX New York. Plus, 1025Connect customers can also take advantage of the growing number of DE-CIX’s VLAN services. Our GlobePEER Remote Service allows turnkey connectivity to our massive DE-CIX Frankfurt exchange, and our MetroVLAN service provides very low cost private connections to other networks connected to the DE-CIX New York exchange, including ‘remote’ networks that connect via transport and don’t have POP in the New York market. DE-CIX’s services will greatly enhance the connectivity options for networks that come to 1025Connect.”

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