4TelecomHelp Announces 4T-Titan

4TelecomHelp has announced the 4T-Titan platform.

The fully integrated SaaS platform, developed by Juvo Technologies, will streamline the technical foundation for its telecom consulting services.

“Juvo’s ‘four cornerstone’ approach to telecom management focusing on inventory, contracts, operations and expenses aligns perfectly with ours,” said Jill Plouffe, 4TelecomHelp president. “With all the consolidation and exits in the telecom expense management (TEM) industry, we saw the opportunity to make an investment that would allow us to take advantage of the untapped market opportunity to be a premier US-based managed services provider for the mid-to-large size enterprise.”

Plouffe added, “So many of the platforms were developed more than a decade ago or were pieced together ad hoc over time. Having worked behind the scenes with many of the different platforms, we had unique insights that let us develop our own requirements with a list of best practices for end-to-end telecom management. In addition, companies are starting to expand their telecom to include ‘things’ from IoT, such as sensors and connected machines.”

While the reliance on traditional dial-up and landlines has diminished, the telecom environment has grown more complex as companies become digitally connected and the reliance on that infrastructure becomes more critical and costly. Today, companies of all sizes look to outside vendors to manage the complexity and the costs so that they can focus on their core competencies.  Industry estimates from leading researchers indicate continued double-digit growth over the next two to three years.

“We are delighted to be partnering with 4TelecomHelp,” says John Schroder, Juvo CEO. “Jill and her team bring many years of deep knowledge and hands-on experience working with complex telecom environments that we can use to further develop our integrated platform in the cloud.”

The companies met through the industry association, TEMIA.

“We wanted to be forward thinking about where this could all go and how a company will want to manage anything telecom-related in one central location,” said Plouffe. “We looked at all of the available options and were thrilled when we met JuvoTech through TEMIA.”

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