ScaleFlux Ships Next-Gen SSDs to Customers

ScaleFlux Inc., a leader in deploying SSDs with computational storage at scale, announces today the general availability of its 3000-series suite of products based on its System-on-Chip (SoC) Storage Processor, the ScaleFlux SFX 3000. Featuring full compatibility with NVMe, ScaleFlux delivers a better SSD with a zero-friction customer experience; no new drivers or application development is required.

This line of products includes the CSD 3000 series NVMe Computational Storage Drives, NSD 3000 series NVMe SSDs, and SFX 3000 storage processing SoC.

ScaleFlux is showcasing these breakthrough solutions during its 2022 Flash Memory Summit, today through Thursday at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Attendees can visit at ScaleFlux at booth #819 to learn how customers are using 3000-series SSDs to drive more performance through more data, with more capacity density; without adding complexity for high-performance workloads like Redis, MySQL, and Aerospike.

“Computational Storage is giving companies a competitive advantage by reducing the complexity required to store and compress data, and accelerating the creation of value from that data,” said Hao Zhong, co-founder and CEO of ScaleFlux. “The general availability of our 3000-series products is the next step in providing more enterprises with a high-performance, scalable solution that meets their storage needs. Users will be able to deploy Computational Storage more easily while addressing top concerns including cost, density, compute efficiency, and more.”

ScaleFlux’s next-generation suite of products makes it possible for users to overcome many of the challenges associated with data growth. Benefits include:

  • Achieve predictable performance with consistent low latency across workloads
  • Optimize the data pipeline by reducing unnecessary data movement
  • Align storage lifecycle management with servers by improving SSD endurance
  • Improve the economics of data center storage by reducing Cost/GB and increasing footprint density
  • Improve compute efficiency by increasing compute density within fixed power budgets
  • Reduce the complexity of deployments with native support for NVMe

The complete product suite, based on Arm technology, is made up of three key offerings:

  • CSD 3000 series NVMe Computational Storage Drives. Enables users to slash data storage costs by 2 times while doubling application performance and increasing Flash endurance as much as 9x compared to ordinary drives. Learn more.
  • NSD 3000 series NVMe SSDs. Provides users with a better, smarter NVMe SSD, achieving twice the endurance and performance on random write and mixed read/writes over traditional NVMe drives. Learn more.
  • SFX 3000 series SoC of storage processing units. Allows drive and hardware vendors to develop their own SSDs and accelerator cards. For drive vendors, ScaleFlux’s inclusion of turnkey firmware will shorten the drive development cycle and reduce the development costs. Learn more.

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