Advantix Unveils e-SIM Provisioning for SmartSIM on iOS Devices

Advantix Solutions Group, a provider of technology expense management and wireless connectivity solutions, has introduced e-SIM provisioning for its multi-carrier SmartSIM offering.

SmartSIM is an award-winning solution that pairs any WAN-capable hardware that accepts a SIM card with the best-performing cellular network of more than 600 carriers worldwide to ensure persistent data connectivity and inherent redundancy. Enterprises internationally deploy SmartSIM in hardware devices such as tablets, mobile computers, handheld scanners, cellular routers, IoT gear and more to lower connectivity costs and improve coverage for their employees.

Now Advantix customers can deploy SmartSIMs without having to purchase a physical SIM card or scan a QR code to install a data plan on supported iPhones and iPads. The SmartSIM is installed electronically from Advantix’s proprietary TLM (Telecom LifeCycle Manager) portal using a first-of-its-kind EID (embedded identity document) matching method. The system digitally matches the EID to a device “over the air” and sends a popup that walks the user through a simple activation process.

Apple/iOS devices supporting Advantix SmartSIM data plans include eSIM-enabled, dual-SIM iPhone models and e-SIM enabled iPads (Wi-Fi + cellular) with iOS 13.4 or later.