Announcing the 2020 Virtual Cable Award Winners

The channel cable community gathered recently for the 2020 Virtual Cable Awards, hosted by Altice, Comcast Business, Cox Business, Mediacom, Shaw and the Spectrum Partner Program.

According to award presenter Michelle Kadlacek, Vice President, Enterprise Partner Program, Spectrum Enterprise, the virtual event was a terrific opportunity to highlight the award winners.

“The 2020 Virtual Cable Awards celebrated some of the biggest and most successful agents in the channel,” said Kadlacek. “It was a team effort to showcase their leadership, sales performance and achievements.”

The 2020 Virtual Cable Awards honored partners who continuously demonstrate exemplary leadership, influence and innovation in promoting cable in the channel. Winners were selected by MSO executives for their dedication to cable, industry expertise, and outstanding accomplishments.

This year’s winners included:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Jay Bradley
  • Master Agent of the Year – Sales: Intelisys
  • Master Agent of the Year – Growth: Telecom Consulting Group
  • Master Agent of the Year – Investment: Telarus
  • Master Agent of the Year – Visionary: Innovative Business Solutions
  • Master Agent of the Year – Industry Disruptor: AppSmart
  • Master Agent of the Year – Marketing Innovation: TBI
  • Agent of the Year – Cable Focus: Clear Connect
  • Agent of the Year – Solutions Focus: Bridgepointe Technologies
  • Agent of the Year – Growth: RDS Solutions
  • Comcast Business Agent of the Year – IQ Wired
  • Spectrum Partner Program Agent of the Year – TelAdvocate Communications
  • Cox Business Agent of the Year – Jett Enterprises
  • Altice Business Agent of the Year – Clear Connect
  • Shaw Business Agent of the Year – ITSS
  • Mediacom Business Agent of the Year – cplTelecom

“The awards were really special. We’re in a unique situation in our ability to collaborate with our Cable partners to conduct such an event,” said Chris Czekaj, VP, Strategic Channels, Spectrum Business. “We were honored to come together to recognize those that have contributed so much to Cable.”

“Our accomplishments are largely attributed to our partners who are leaders in the field,” said Craig Schlagbaum, Senior Vice President, Comcast Business. “As we embark on a new decade in the channel, our partners will set the strategy for success.”

Cox Business also congratulates all of the winners of the inaugural Cable Awards.

“We are looking forward to additional growth and partnership with our Master Agents and their Sub-Agent communities,” said John Muscarella, Cox Business Channel Chief.