Armorblox Reimagines Data Loss Prevention for Microsoft, Google

Armorblox announced the addition of Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to its cloud-delivered email security platform. With this service, Armorblox brings natural language understanding (NLU) to prevent data loss in Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Google Workspace. When comparing the Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention service with NLU to legacy solutions based on static rules and regexes, the false positives are reduced by a factor of 10.

The Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention service offers a first-of-its-kind, NLU-based analysis of email content and attachments to detect and safeguard critical business workflows, including invoices, payroll data, wire transfer requests, medical records, and legal documents. Combining insights from business operations with content, context, user and behavior analytics prevents sensitive data from leaving the organization. Powered by Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention and artificial intelligence (AI), enriched insights bring deeper understanding and context to data; the result –– prevention capabilities not possible through traditional approaches.

The new Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention service protects organizations against accidental and malicious leaks of sensitive data. With email-based phishing attacks accounting for 90 percent of data breaches, Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention service is positioned to help organizations limit the financial impact caused by targeted email attacks, malicious insider actors or socially engineered threats.

Armorblox autonomous self-learning policy engine removes the need for manual configuration and ongoing management of email Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention security policies. All DLP policies are created and delivered out of the box. Using the NLU engine the policies are updated in real instances based on the global learnings. This helps organizations avoid any ongoing continuous manual intervention to keep the policies current and accurate.

Enterprises can benefit from Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention in several ways:

  • Enhance detection – Identify unauthorized exchange of sensitive data in email communications across different business operations.
  • Enable end-users – Alert and educate end-users on potential data loss when confidential information is sent accidentally. When an email contains sensitive data, the sender receives an educational notification with reasons why the email delivery was blocked.
  • Automate incident response – Reduce response time for data leak alerts. For example, quarantine all outbound emails of the original sender and subsequent forwards that contain sensitive emails automatically.

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