BitTitan Offers Partners Free SharePoint Migrations

BitTitan has announced that all migrations to Microsoft SharePoint Online are free for BitTitan partners as part of the company’s end-to-end cloud service enablement platform, MSPComplete.

By providing migrations to SharePoint Online via MigrationWiz, partners can augment profits with additional Office 365 deployments and more project workloads, qualifying companies for Microsoft funds and more revenue from every migration.

“With MigrationWiz, partners can move from a variety of sources – be it Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google docs, File Server, or older versions of SharePoint – to SharePoint Online, circumventing the traditional upgrade time, keeping existing file hierarchies and permissions intact,” said Jenn Martin, vice president of global sales at BitTitan. “Making SharePoint Online migrations free is the latest example of BitTitan’s ongoing commitment to improving our partners’ experience.”

MigrationWiz automates the entire process of moving document libraries and permissions, from one source to another, enabling partners and companies to use a single application to automate both email and SharePoint migrations to the cloud. With MigrationWiz, specialized training and integration requirements are no longer obstacles to migrating and using SharePoint Online.

As part of the BitTitan partner program, partners also have access to additional services to enhance their cloud business:

  • SalesAutomation: Enables partners to access 100 free sales leads targeting prospective projects and companies in their region to sell additional workloads, such as SharePoint Online and OneDrive, as part of new Office 365 initiatives.
  • SalesBuilder: Equips partners to design and automate their Office 365 project statement of work and provides access to Microsoft incentives to help partners apply for and capture these benefits.
  • HealthCheck for Office 365: Assists partners in discovering new revenue opportunities within customer environments.
  • Starter Kits (Office 365, Google Compete, and Azure): Provides partners the tools needed to sell, onboard and service customers in the cloud via complete revenue-in-a-box enablement packages.

“With the right tools, SharePoint migrations are an easy way for partners to differentiate Office 365 offerings and broaden their portfolio without all the heavy lifting,” continued Martin.