Cbeyond Opens SMB Cloud Services Portal

Cbeyond Inc. is making it easier for existing customers to view, customize, manage and control their cloud computing services through a single portal, Cbeyond Online, resulting in significant resource and time savings, says the company. The new on-demand, self-service functionality supports Cbeyond’s cloud service platform, including TotalCloud Data Center, launched in October 2012, and TotalCloud Phone System, launched in December 2012.

Using this portal, all Cbeyond customers now have the ability to view computing, storage and network utilization and performance reports, add real-time compute, storage and network capacity, as well as make changes to their cloud resources, such as provision, or resize their virtual machines. Customers also can manage their phone system features such as setting time-based conditional call routing, viewing call detail records, and even assigning phone numbers to handsets.? With much improved visibility into usage, customers can develop more informed, accurate decisions regarding capacity and shift utilization according to their needs, says Cbeyond.

“Business owners want to view their asset utilization quickly, and make easy but necessary account changes that impact their services and bills,” said Chris Ortbals, Cbeyond’s senior vice president, Product Management. “Cbeyond continues to design and upgrade our platform with SMBs in mind – delivering solutions to help them transition to the cloud and, at the same time, optimize their cloud usage once they have migrated to the cloud.”

Account administrators may now also manage their Cbeyond accounts by accessing Cbeyond Online via Cbeyond mobile apps, available for download onto popular Android and Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) devices via Google play and iTunes, respectively.

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