CLOWD9 Chooses Utimaco’s MYHSM Payment HSM-as-a-Service

Utimaco, a provider of IT security solutions, announced it has been selected by CLOWD9 as a service provider for a cloud-based payment hardware security module (HSM). CLOWD9 launched in October as a cloud-native, decentralized payments processing platform.

Fintechs, processors and banks have many choices when it comes to deploying their payment applications in the cloud. But there’s a problem when it comes to the mission-critical payment HSMs, as Utimaco says “none of the public cloud service providers” in the market today can support them directly. However, its MYHSM Payment HSM-as-a-Service complements a cloud adoption strategy like that of CLOWD9, with 99.999 percent availability as standard, and low latency regardless of where it is deployed.

Payment HSM-as-a-Service reduces cost, complexity and time to market but also provides access to expertise in payment HSMs and payments-related cryptography which is a rare but essential resource for any company operating in the payments space. Additionally, Utimaco’s MYHSM Payment HSM-as-a-Service takes away the heavy lifting to meet PCI compliance by providing immediate access to a fully PCI-PIN and PCI-DSS certified service.

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