Cresta Releases AI Enhancements for Contact Centers

Cresta, a provider of generative AI for contact centers, announced AI enhancements that provide contact center agents and leaders with advanced, intuitive capabilities to make data-driven decisions that drive more productive and effective customer interactions.

The enhancements to Cresta Outcome Insights, Cresta Knowledge Assist, and Cresta Opera are powered by advancements in large language models and generative AI, and they represent a leap forward in how agents and leaders can use AI to elevate contact center operations.

When it comes to converting sales opportunities, preventing customer churn, or providing exceptional customer service, there are often a variety of specific agent behaviors that lead to better results. To prioritize and reinforce them effectively, contact center leaders need a clear, data-driven understanding of which behaviors drive business outcomes and to what degree.

Outcome Insights is a diagnostic tool that identifies and quantifies the connection between behaviors and business outcomes like revenue and provides an opportunity calculator that delivers direction to prioritize coaching efforts and measure their impact.

Enhancements include:

  • Greater personalization capabilities that allow leaders to drive outcomes with accuracy at the team and individual level
  • Improvements to behavioral discovery include the ability to identify behaviors working harmoniously for superior outcomes.
  • The ability to infer outcomes in scenarios where outcome data isn’t available or can’t be tied back to conversations due to data silos.

Another enhancement ensures agents proactively receive the exact answers and information they need throughout each customer conversation, without ever having to search for it. Cresta’s generative AI models go beyond keywords to understand what customers are trying to accomplish, intelligently matching each scenario with underlying sources of information that are used to generate the ideal agent response in real-time. By presenting answers in addition to articles, Generative Knowledge Assist empowers agents to solve customer issues and convert sales opportunities faster and more effectively.

Notable capabilities include:

  • Proactive question and answer extraction that uses real-time conversation context to identify the right information and generate an exact response that links back to the source.
  • Advanced out-of-the-box connectors to popular systems, such as Sharepoint and Salesforce, simplify and expedite integration and keep knowledge sources in sync.
  • The ability for agents to provide feedback to collect input on the quality of generated responses and content

Cresta Opera empowers contact center leaders to turn AI-driven insights into better agent performance by building customized LLM models for their business, even if they don’t know AI or how to code. This intuitive, self-service AI command center can be used to build rules that recognize behaviors and conversational cues that trigger actions across the contact center, powering personalized coaching, automated QA and compliance, and real-time agent assistance.

In this release, Cresta offers Opera users a more sophisticated and flexible interface for creating rules and streamlining coaching & QA processes. The enhancements allow leaders to optimize their contact center operations with precision, ensuring the entire organization is in tune.