Dig Security to Support OCR for Image Classification

Dig Security today adds support for optical character recognition (OCR) to the Dig Data Security Platform. Dig now can detect sensitive customer data in image files, such as passports and driver’s licenses, that are stored in multi-cloud environments.

OCR capabilities are critical as enterprises collect and store data in image files, and unless they can map all the sensitive data, it remains open to mass exposure.

The Dig Data Security Platform enhancement bolsters the company’s position as a market leader, as Dig now claims to be “the only DSPM platform with critical OCR capabilities.”

Acceleration of digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic created a massive number of scanned documents in public cloud environments. With the adoption of digital IDs, sensitive data are stored in digital formats more than ever. The OCR capabilities let Dig customers identify sensitive data hidden in image files and move it to a secure environment.

In one user’s environment – a company that validates customers via a driver’s license or passport – Dig found he number of images containing personal identifiable information (PII) was as high as the total number of customers. Dig found 80,000 images in one bucket.

“Today’s enterprises need OCR capabilities – they cannot rely on discovery and classification of text files alone,” said Dan Benjamin, co-founder and CEO, Dig Security. “There is an overwhelming amount of sensitive data in image files, and data left unprotected and unmonitored increases the risk of data exfiltration and breaches. We are proud to offer the industry’s only DSPM platform with OCR, providing our customers with holistic data security.”

The Dig Data Security Platform combines DSPM, data loss prevention (DLP), and data detection and response (DDR) capabilities into a single platform. Dig enables enterprise cloud and security teams to produce insights using its agentless cloud-native solution that delivers a short setup time, zero maintenance, and comprehensive, automated response at scale.

For information on Dig Security, visit https://www.dig.security/.