Digibee Is Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Digibee, an enterprise integration platform (e-iPaaS), announced it is available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Companies searching Google’s marketplace for cloud solutions to integrate and connect disparate systems (apps, servers, data, clouds, gadgets and other things) will be able to partner with Digibee.

“The ability to list Digibee on the Google Cloud Marketplace is exciting because we can now help IT teams deliver on their promise to build a cloud-native infrastructure necessary in today’s digital world. Having a world-class enterprise integration platform will help business transform,” said Marcus Santos, head of alliances and channel from Digibee.

Digibee delivers more than 400 million integrations a day across critical systems, without sacrificing the requirements that are important to all companies: performance, resilience and security. With Digibee, IT projects can be completed in hours instead of months.

“We’ve built a low-code, cloud-based platform with the most secure systems available in the market today. As organizations embark on their journey to digital transformation, solutions that allow them to scale, connect and monitor are a necessity. The Digibee platform helps companies to modernize, reconstruct and manage their system’s architecture, improving processes and tools so they can reach their business objectives in a fast, easy and secure way, with less cost,” Santos said.

Digibee’s entrance to Google Cloud Marketplace follows the company’s $25 million Series A and will support its international expansion.

“Low-code integration solutions have become increasingly important to organizations looking to digitally transform their cloud environments,” said Dai Vu, managing director, marketplace and ISV GTM programs, Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to have the Digibee platform on Google Cloud Marketplace to enable customers with the technologies they need to continue growing at scale.”