Digital Realty Taps Zayo for Cloud Connections

Zayo Group has announced an alliance agreement to expand the Digital Realty direct connect cloud offering.

Digital Realty customers will have the ability to access Zayo’s Connect to the Cloud platform to deploy hybrid cloud solutions, plus access pricing, place orders and view existing and pending services through Tranzact, Zayo’sshopping platform. Connect to the Cloud supports more than 24 cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer. The direct connect option improves the user experience for enterprise customers by providing lower-latency connectivity, increased security and lower bandwidth costs.

Digital Realty is one of the largest data center providers worldwide, with more than 130 locations across four continents and 11 countries. Zayo’s network, which spans more than 81,000 route miles and connects to more than 500 data centers, is connected to the majority of Digital Realty locations, enabling the two companies to offer complementary infrastructure to customers.

“This agreement builds on a long standing relationship with Zayo and our customers benefit from Zayo’s extensive network and ability to quickly deploy solutions for customers,” said Mike Bohlig, director of global alliances at Digital Realty. “Zayo’s footprint complements our global portfolio of data centers, enabling us to provide mutual customers with a diverse set of services, including connectivity to a wide range of cloud providers.”

“Zayo and Digital Realty both supply customers with the IT infrastructure businesses depend on to manage mission-critical data and applications,” said John Real, vice president of strategic partnerships at Zayo. “We look forward to expanding our relationship with Digital Realty, and providing both new and existing customers with connectivity to a growing number of cloud providers.”