Enzu Launches ‘Partner-first’ Channel Program

ENZU, the “Born in the Cloud” provider of private cloud, infrastructure and managed services and home of the TruCloud platform, launched a channel partner program headed by industry veteran Dustin Young.

“I’ve wanted to build a true ‘Partner-First’ program for some time now, and Enzu has given me that opportunity,” Young said. “I have long asked how do I build a program that has listened to what partners truly want. With our straightforward agreement, channel integration, and transparent PRM, I believe this program is closer to that than any I have built before.”

For partners, the Enzu ecosystem creates a simplified commission structure and provides opportunity protection for one year after an opportunity may cancel, allowing the partner to re-earn that business and keep getting paid. The program also uses a partner relationship management platform directly connected to its corporate Salesforce solution. This means full transparency on every opportunity, including deal-flow notifications, contract access, timelines, and seller/partner joint input. No more wondering what notes have been made about a prospect and where it is in the process with a provider.

The edge-computing/bare-metal space is exploding. Enabled by the growth of containerization, WEB3, Blockchain, and all high-performance computing needs around the globe.

Enzu, with its more than 40 data centers and global reach is positioned to build these services in more markets. This will help the partner community to enable its customers to have edge services where they need them most.

“While the hyper-scalers enable services in primary markets. Enzu has primary, secondary and tertiary markets covered today. We also build-to-order for clients trying to solve problems in regions that are challenging for them. In a hybrid-computing, low-latency demanding world, we believe we build solutions with less compromise and more performance,” Dustin explained.

Enzu also enables the data center network service layers in organizations like CoreSite and DRT. This expands the reach for existing customers to maintain their current primary location and achieve a global presence that keeps critical services, such as ERP and manufacturing, close to the end-user. In some cases, this means right on the customer’s premise as well.

To learn more or to become an Enzu Partner, contact Young at dustin.young@enzu.com or call +1.877.935.0530