Ericsson Bringing 5G Core, RAN Technology to Faroese Telecom

Ericsson secured an exclusive 5G Core and radio access network (RAN) deal with Faroese Telecom, the incumbent communications services provider (CSP) for the Feroe Islands. 

Faroese plans to access Ericsson technology to modernize its existing network toward “unlocking the full potential of 5G services and use cases.” 

 “5G technology’s fast connectivity and low latency are crucial for driving industries forward in the Faroe Islands and enabling the large-scale introduction of IoT,” noted Ericsson Denmark and North Atlantic Leader, Niclas Backlund. “The superior speed, high reliability and low latency of 5G make it possible to bring new applications to the market and provide coverage in challenging terrain.” 

In addition to serving vessels and fishing boats offshore through better coverage, lower latency and higher speeds, the 5G network can be combined with Internet of Things and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enable new use cases and bolster sustainability efforts in the region, including safety, autonomous navigation and route monitoring. 

Faroese will specifically tap Ericsson’s 5G RAN and core products, including its Radio System portfolio, covering Massive MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) and antenna system. 

Deployment will commence immediately and is expected to be completed in 2023.