Extreme Networks Transforms Borås Stad into Smart City

Extreme Networks Inc., a cloud-driven networking company, in partnership with NetNordic, has established one of the largest cloud-managed network infrastructures in Borås Stad, Sweden, transforming the municipality into a smart city.

The new infrastructure delivers faster and more advanced connectivity, extending secure public Wi-Fi for its residents, local government, schools and services, while automating and simplifying network management for the IT team.

The transition to smart cities is designed to provide more sustainable resources to residents, while improving quality of life and fueling business innovation.

Municipalities in Sweden are required by law to provide critical welfare services such as schools, childcare, social services, and elderly care, among others. The departments and institutions that power these services require a robust, secure network infrastructure to share information seamlessly and securely.

As a result of the global pandemic, Borås Stad has worked to roll out new services, such as Wi-Fi connected medical wristbands which allow immediate contact with doctors, real-time heartbeat monitoring, and user location information – making reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi critical for proper care.

The ExtremeCloud IQ platform reduces the complexity of network management, streamlines operations, lowers maintenance costs and provides visibility into actionable data and insights from network usage to performance.

Borås Stad as a smart city is another example of how Extreme Networks is helping to lay the groundwork to integrate 5G and Wi-Fi and deliver cloud-based networking services to gain more visibility and better manage networks across the city. Extreme helps provide a seamless connectivity and authentication experience between 5G and Wi-Fi networks, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for users.