Fonality Revamps Product Integration Strategy

Fonality has announced its integration product strategy, which involves supplementing its Heads Up Display (HUD) software, and unifying its business applications and features into a single experience.

Fonality’s HUD is a software as a service (SaaS) offering, available via channel partners, providing communication features such as chat, presence and conferencing from a single tab in a Web browser. The company’s integration methods make software features from the cloud available to HUD and business application users, combining UC features into the application.

There are four integration methods Fonality is using. The first is full integration, where the company develops software that completely integrates with top-tier cloud services as demand requires. Examples include Fonality’s CRM Link for Salesforce, as well as integration with Box from the HUD interface.

The second is through product partnerships, where Fonality selects solutions that meet its requirements. Rather than building business software solutions from the ground up, it finds and integrates existing ones with the value-added features needed, which is faster and more cost-efficient than creating solutions from scratch. Examples include integration with Nuance for to provide Fonality’s voicemail transcription.

The third integration method is “outside in,” where solution providers can give shared customers access to their Fonality system through its Web Launcher and Click-to-Dial software interface. That way, customers using Fonality and software or interfaces from other companies can access both at once as needed. Examples include lead management software provider Blitz, as well as Abacus Data Systems.

Last but not least is Fonality’s Web Launcher. Users can access Web-based services by adding the proper parameters into their HUD Web Launcher form interface. The form-based setup instructs HUD on what to do during calls, and pulls up contact information from web-based services as the call is in progress.