Go Smart Solutions Taps IBM Cloud to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Go Smart Solutions, a software development company in Saudi Arabia, has selected IBM Cloud to transform its operations. The transition will help Go Smart Solutions’ customers accelerate their digital transformation and expedite their hybrid cloud strategies.

Founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Go Smart Solutions serves customers locally as well as in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and the U.K.

As part of its transformation strategy, the company recently migrated its production environment to IBM’s public cloud to meet its need for infrastructure performance and enterprise-grade security, support business growth and provide an enhanced and uninterrupted experience to its customers.

By hosting its production environment on IBM Cloud, Go Smart Solutions is able to provide its customers with digital solutions as a service with a cloud-based subscription model, enabling businesses to opt for the services they require, as needed.

Increased regulatory and compliance requirements are driving the need for improved security and resiliency, the IBM Cloud offers sophisticated encryption capabilities such as “keep your own key” and confidential computing – so not even IBM can access clients’ data.

Go Smart Solutions also benefits from enhanced business continuity and uninterrupted operations. It is able to meet its computing resource demands, without having to invest in additional hardware or physical infrastructure.