Grandstream Launches IPVideoTalk Web Meetings

Grandstream Networks has launched the IPVideoTalk Web Meetings service, an web conferencing platform that allows users to conduct one-click online meetings with HD video and audio.

The first immediately available IPVideoTalk Web Meetings plan is a free personal plan which supports up to three participants. Based on WebRTC, it doesn’t require a client download for most of the major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and soon Microsoft Edge). A downloadable plug-in is offered for IE and Safari, which don’t currently support the  WebRTC technology.

IPVideoTalk’s Web Meetings plans offers a range of real-time visual collaboration features:

  • 720p HD video and HD audio
  • Unlimited one-to-one meetings
  • Screen sharing with remote parties for high quality presentation, distant learning, and collaborative document annotations at 1080p video resolution
  • Advanced meeting chat feature to allow private or group based real-time text communications with other meeting attendees or hosts
  • Meeting control features such as mute, video block, raise hands, panelists, etc.
  • Customization capability to personalize the message/content in meeting registration page, calendar scheduling, invitation, reminding, thank-you follow up, post-meeting survey, etc.
  • Meeting reports with downloadable attendee list

“The launch of our IPVideoTalk Web Meeting platform represents the next step in our mission to make powerful, state-of-the-art communications technology easy and attainable for business of all sizes,” said David Li, CEO of Grandstream. “IPVideoTalk Web Meetings will empower users to hold high quality and efficient meetings with just 1-click from any computers or mobile devices while savings thousands on travel expenses. We are excited for users throughout the world to experience the power, convenience, and cost-savings of IPVideoTalk Web Meetings.”