Increase Engagement with Impartner’s News on Demand

Impartner, a partner relationship management (PRM) provider, has added new features to enhance partner communications. Impartner’s News on Demand solution makes sharing information and increasing partner engagement easier with a seamless connection to PRM.

Integrating News on Demand into a vendor’s partner portal is as simple as one click. Leveraging Impartner’s News on Demand widget framework, users can display critical information to Impartner’s PX interface, so partners see the latest articles customized to their location, type, industries, certifications, roles and preferences. The features are available in customers’ applications immediately.

News on Demand helps partner programs engage partners in more than the end-of-quarter promotion. With a click of a button, a company’s news is integrated into the portal and newsletters, segmented to partners’ needs, such as geography, industries, products, roles, and training and certifications. The system leverages customization and privacy. Partners can opt into or out of areas in which they are interested. With the ability to adhere to GDPR requirements, News on Demand ensures security and deliverability between vendors and partners no matter the location.

Widgets provide drag-and-drop functionality, so news items, promotions, training and articles are promoted within the partner experience. That same content can be emailed and promoted to the same segments, engaging partners with the company. Partner news and newsletters can be created in a fraction of the time of sophisticated marketing automation tools and other partner relationship management systems. Impartner’s integration with Salesforce and other CRM systems enables easy coordination between the sales and partner channels.

For more information about News on Demand, visit Impartner’s website.