Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Offers Microsoft Online Management Extension

Ingram Micro Cloud, operator of one of the world’s largest cloud marketplaces for the channel, announced the worldwide integration of Microsoft Online Management Extension (MOME) on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace powered by CloudBlue technology. Using CloudBlue Commerce, this capability provides an automated management solution that enables Microsoft partners to both sell and manage services in a single location.

MOME uses data from Microsoft Customer AAD Tenants to provide customer management, domain management, and security score services that benefit managed service providers (MSPs) in these ways, among others:

  • Customer Management – Without the benefits of MOME, partners must utilize the Microsoft Partner Center for some customer account management functions. Now, MOME brings Microsoft Partner Center functionality into the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, allowing resellers direct access to customer accounts.
  • Domain Management – Reducing the demand on process, MOME offers automated domain registration and management features designed to eliminate the labor-intensive, error-prone process of manually connecting and registering client domains.
  • Secure Score – Without MOME, there is a potential challenge in identifying customers not following the best security practices. Now, MOME delivers the ability to assess the Secure Scores, assigned by Microsoft to the customer accounts, by verifying the customer’s adherence to the Microsoft Security Best Practices. Using MOME to improve Microsoft Secure Scores can help prevent fraudulent use of services by malicious entities.

For data usage, customers remain in full control through MOME’s standalone customer consent mechanism, which allows users to choose what they share with partners, while also utilizing Microsoft’s Delegated Administrative Privileges to control, restrict or revoke partner access.

To learn more about MOME visit here.