Iristel Eases Wireless DID Portability, Expands in Kenya

Iristel, a global communications company, announced the launch of wireless number portability as well as its expansion in Kenya.

The portability launch provides customers with a quicker method of transitioning their numbers to maintain business continuity. The average port time for wireless numbers is five hours vs five days for wireline numbers. All wireless numbers are also SMS-ready.

Iristel takes porting seriously and has put together a team of specialists to make sure the process runs smoothly, no matter the number of DIDs or carriers involved. The Iristel team members have experience exclusively around LNP and their dedication and consistency allow the company to perform a large number of simultaneous ports, hot-cuts and outside-hour projects.

Iristel CLEC status for more than 20 years in Canada means it has direct and solid relationships with all carriers’ LNP departments.

In the meantime, Iristel also announced its expansion into Kenya, allowing the company a presence in Africa.

For the initial rollout of its global expansion, Iristel will provide the capability to purchase SIP trunks, which can be aggregated with its onnet footprint and DIDs.

Iristel’s voice service offers an expansive, facilities-based local telephone number coverage and inbound voice origination service that enables over-the-top (OTT) and voice service providers the ability to offer innovative voice and messaging (SMS) services to their business or consumer end users.

The wholesale service aggregates all calls to Iristel-managed telephone numbers and hands it off to a single or multiple customer IP addresses. Iristel customers use this service to deploy next-gen primary line voice services to consumers, augment their toll-free numbers with more cost-effective local numbers that also provide a local touch or to create new mobile or OTT-based applications for consumers. Iristel’s voice service is unique in that it offers service providers with the near-ubiquitous local service reach, network scale and routing flexibility.

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