Masergy Adds WAN Encryption to Portfolio

Masergy Communications Inc. has announced WAN Encryption, a managed service that protects data end-to-end while in transit for software-defined WAN connectivity between applications and users.

WAN Encryption is the latest addition to Masergy’s managed network functions, which includes routers, firewalls, session border controllers and WAN optimization delivered on premise, via software and in the cloud. Masergy’s unique managed encryption solution offers customers the choice of either a hardware-based option or a virtualized network function running on the Masergy Intelligent Bridge (MIB).

WAN Encryption permits enterprises to leverage traffic from both dedicated WAN services and the Internet while maintaining full control over encryption policies and keys. This service is for customers who need to send highly sensitive data over public or private networks with strong encryption and service flexibility.

Organizations can add managed WAN Encryption to Layers 2, 3 or 4 of their networks on a per-application basis. The new service leverages Certes Networks’ patented Crypto-Flow technology.

“In this era of increased threats, Masergy has teamed with Certes Networks to bring an essential layer of protection to business critical applications,” said Tim Naramore, CTO, Masergy. “WAN Encryption provides a managed service approach to encryption policies and key management, which reduces the complexity of managing a sophisticated safeguarding process.”

“Application security is a pressing concern for organizations today, and with new threats constantly being discovered, having flexible, adaptable software-defined security in place is essential,” added Satyam Tyagi, CTO, Certes Networks. “We are delighted to be working with Masergy to help more organizations combat these threats with our unique CryptoFlow Solutions.”

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