Masergy Deploys Private Network, Cloud Technology for Azzurro HD

Masergy, a software-defined network and cloud platform for digital enterprises, announced that its private network and cloud platform was deployed by Azzurro HD’s AzzurroCam to deliver “high-quality” broadcast signals for live, on-air interviews.

This integration supports the transmission of HD (high-def) signals backed by service level agreements (SLAs), including 100 percent in-sequence packet delivery and under one millisecond of jitter.

Azzurro can also monitor and manage network services via Masergy’s online management portal. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications in the portal provide recommendations and predictions to thwart performance degradations. Masergy also provides overall management of Azzurro’s solution from the network to security, including threat monitoring and response services. When Azzurro is supporting high-profile events, Masergy flags corresponding circuits, delaying any scheduled routine maintenance and automatically escalating issues if they arise.