NetApp Survey Shows Organizations Prioritize Cloud Optimization

NetApp, a global, cloud-led, data-centric software company, announced the results of the annual Cloud Infrastructure Report based on a survey of public cloud business and IT decision-makers. The report from Spot by NetApp highlights the state of cloud management and how organizations are working to optimize their environments.

A key trend that surfaced in the report shows that while companies continue to accelerate cloud adoption, many do not believe they are optimizing their infrastructure effectively. Businesses are addressing this through the development of internal programs such as Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoEs) and FinOps, cloud purchase commitments, tools, and external help.

While several respondents indicated they are maturing in these areas, those that have deployed successfully and scaled programs report improved agility, efficiency and governance in their cloud journey.

Here are other key findings in the report:

Cloud and cost management is still a work in progress

  • Confidence in visibility into public cloud costs has dropped in the past year; 21 percent were “very” confident in 2022, down from 31 percent in 2021.
  • 62 percent of respondents will focus on cost management in 2022.
  • 96 percent say FinOps is important to cloud success, but only 10 percent have a mature FinOps practice.

Managing cloud operations in 2022 will grow in scope

  • 2022 transformation goals include increasing the use of cloud technology (63 percent), migrating additional services to the cloud (52 percent), and optimizing cloud costs (50 percent).
  • 90 percent report they have or plan to have a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE).
  • 61 percent of those who currently have a CCoE say that their responsibilities will grow in 2022.

MSPs play a key role in cloud operations

  • 71 percent use an MSP for their cloud operations.
  • 100 percent of companies that work with an MSP for cloud operations say that they have benefited from that relationship.
  • 83 percent of companies that work with an MSP for cloud operations rely on them for their FinOps practice.

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