Nextivity Signs 2 Wireless Reseller Partners

Nextivity has appointed two new master distributors – GetWireless and Premier Wireless Solutions. The partners will be distributing the Cel-Fi DUO+ through their respective reseller channels.

The Cel-Fi DUO+ Smart Signal Booster for 4G LTE, including VoLTE, is designed for use on the Verizon Wireless network. It improves indoor voice and data coverage in up to three bands (two simultaneously), and delivers a significantly expanded coverage footprint (up to 15,000 sq. ft.). Cel-Fi DUO+ will begin shipping in June.

“Cel-Fi is quite simply the easiest booster to install in the industry,” says Steve Smith, director of engineering services at Premier Wireless Solutions. “The Cel-Fi DUO+ gives our reseller partners the ability to quickly, easily, and affordably solve their customers’ indoor coverage problems while providing the highest signal gain of any booster available on the market today.”

With the launch of the Cel-FI DUO+, Verizon Wireless customers with an LTE-enabled handset can improve indoor signal coverage and ensure consistent call reliability everywhere Verizon Wireless has deployed LTE. Features include:

  • Improved in-building cellphone service quality and data upload/download speeds in spaces up to 15,000 sq. ft.
  • Easy user installation can be done in minutes, without the need for external cabling, antennas, ladders or drilling
  • Support for North American bands 2, 4, and 13 for 4G and LTE, with the ability to concurrently relay any two bands
  • Simultaneously delivers up to 100dB of system gain in each band to cover a significantly larger area of indoor space than any other consumer booster available in the U.S. market, without any risk of interference
  • Software updates and engineering application support with the Cel-Fi WAVE mobile and desktop applications
  • Secure communications through the encrypted wireless link
  • Carrier-class signal booster is unconditionally network safe, ensuring no interference with other indoor wireless products and no degradation to network capacity

“Cel-Fi delivers the largest and best quality footprint of any consumer booster in the market today, ensuring a strong indoor signal in traditionally difficult coverage areas,” said Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity. “With Cel-Fi DUO+ we are adding Verizon Wireless to the list of almost 200 carrier networks around the world whose subscribers benefit from our smart signal boosters. It also means that we now offer carrier-specific boosters for use on three of the four major U.S. mobile networks.”

“Adding Cel-Fi DUO+ to our portfolio is a huge boon to our business, and to our customer base,” says Patrick Dunn, director of sales and marketing and GetWireless. “We are committed to arming our reseller partners with the best solutions available, and Cel-Fi fits the bill. We have no doubt that Cel-Fi will make life easier for many of their customers.”

“The issue of poor indoor cellular coverage remains a significant challenge for mobile subscribers,” says Sievers. “Having GetWireless and Premier Wireless Solutions on board will increase the reach of Cel-Fi to an expanded audience, ensuring that even more businesses have access to this advanced and highly effective solution for solving such a complex problem.”

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