NinjaOne Releases Updated Platform

The NinjaOne 5.3.2 platform has been released adding features and enhancements across all primary product and feature sets, with notable improvements to patch management, ticketing, backup and automation capabilities

The release includes major improvements to scripting and automation capabilities, including a script library, script queuing and scheduling options and UX improvements:

  • New script library – Ninja has added a new script library that allows partners to import a series of Ninja-supported scripts directly to their script repository. Unlike existing out-of-the-box scripts, users will be able to see and modify these scripts and customize them to their own needs. The 30-plus initial scripts will focus on new data acquisition, security and user management.
  • Script scheduling on offline devices – Users can queue scripts to run on the next check-in for offline devices. When mass-deploying scripts, users can select on and offline devices. Users will be able to review and cancel queued scripts on a device.
  • Deploy script on startup or user login – Users can schedule a script to deploy on the next startup or when a user next logs in via policies and scheduled scripts.
  • Script description – When selecting a script to run, the script picker will show the description of the script, if present.
  • Connectwise Manage Enhancements – Connectwise Manage integrations improvements include the addition of agreement mapping functionality, removing duplicate device issues and implementing bug fixes.

As of 5.3.2, users can use wildcards in-process- and service-related conditions, limit alerts to only trigger after multiple event occurrences, and make the system uptime condition self-remediate.

The 5.3.2 release highlights ongoing investment in Ninja’s patch management functionality including:

  • Script deployment pre/post-patch – Schedule scripts to deploy prior to or after patch deployment via policies, increasing patch success rates and allowing greater automation.
  • Custom reboot notifications – Add a custom message for end-users after a patch has been installed and when a reboot is required.
  • Wake devices for patching – Enable endpoints to wake for scheduled patch scans and updates.
  • Mac and Linux patching (closed beta) – Enhancements to Mac and Linux patching capabilities to a limited subset of customers for feedback.

Ninja Ticketing continues to add new partner-requested functionality and workflow enhancements as user adoption increases. In addition, ticketing tags can be managed, custom form fields can be shown as columns in ticket boards, and additional activities can generate context-rich tickets automatically.

The 5.3.2 includes two major updates for Ninja Data Protection:

  • MacOS File and Folder Backup (Open Beta)– Ninja Data Protection users can back up data on MacOS endpoints. Users have full control over what data they backup, how frequently they back up and how long they retain that data.
  • NAS consistency check enhancements – Improved ability to check the consistency of backup file data on network-attached storage devices to ensure more reliable local backups and restores.

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