PAC Fiber Selects ADTRAN’s Combo PON to Harvest Better Broadband

ADTRAN Inc., a provider of next-generation multi-gigabit fiber and fiber extension broadband access solutions, announced PAC Fiber is leveraging ADTRAN’s 10G fiber access platform with flexible Combo PON technology to future proof its broadband network.

The service provider is a Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) recipient, and ADTRAN is helping it seamlessly improve network capacity and expand its network to reach more subscribers. PAC Fiber is leveraging the expanded capacity of XGS-PON to support its community in rural Georgia as the need for better, faster broadband grows. It now offers multi-gigabit broadband services that will connect local farms, families and students to better economic opportunities.

PAC Fiber is a residential and business service provider based in Bryan County, Georgia. It is expanding services into Evans County, a community that is famous for its Vidalia onion crop. Many farms use advanced agriculture systems, like connected sprinklers, that rely on wireless internet to enable more precise, remote management.

However, Evans County was underserved by most major service providers, leaving the community in a broadband desert. In fact, farmers had to travel into neighboring towns to leverage free Wi-Fi at fast food restaurants just to manage their crop watering schedules. Local students made the same trip to log onto virtual learning platforms and complete homework assignments.

PAC Fiber knew this neighboring community deserved a better broadband option, so it selected the ADTRAN Total Access 5000 10G fiber access platform with Combo PON technology to update its network’s capabilities to multi-gigabit service delivery and greater customer capacity throughout Evans County.

The ADTRAN 10G fiber access platform is a high density XGS-PON solution and serves as the foundation for the RDOF portfolio. By selecting ADTRAN’s Combo PON technology, PAC Fiber can merge its mature GPON network with next-generation multi-gigabit XGS-PON technology to save 66 percent in energy costs versus operating two separate GPON and XGS-PON modules.

Because it supports XGS-PON technology on the same fiber plant and the same electronics that delivers their GPON technology, Combo PON removes the need to reinforce feeder fiber, change the fiber plant, add space and power, or make complex OSS/IT changes.