Patton Launches High-Density FXS VoIP Gateway

Patton has announced the first-generation release of the SmartNode SN4740 series of analog high-density VoIP gateways.

Patton’s new multi-port FXS VoIP gateway can IP-enable and interconnect existing POTS PBX phone systems or telephony key systems to advanced all-IP and unified communications systems.

Patton’s new-generation IP-Channel-Bank covers analog port-counts from 16 to 128 to satisfy diverse market needs. The SN4740 series offers flexible combinations of 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 72, 96 and 128 FXS interfaces.

The SN4740 provides message waiting indicator (MWI) support, which is essential for hotels, motels, multi-tenant-units, and multi-dwelling-units (MTU/MDU) and similar business operations.

Every SN4740 SKU can support a redundant power supply, according to the company. Plus,  all services can be provisioned, orchestrated, monitored, managed, and scaled up or down from the Patton Cloud.