Unified Office Focuses on Keeping Businesses Up and Running

Unified Office has announced that the company is helping customers—including many Domino’s Pizza franchisees—stay in business despite COVID 19.

Domino’s Pizza, a long time Unified Office customer, just announced that they are hiring 10,000 new employees including delivery drivers, pizza makers, customer service representatives, managers and licensed truck drivers for its supply chain centers. Unified Office is setting many of their franchisees up to operate from home and/or to consolidate their retail locations for take-out. They are also helping dental offices, automotive dealerships and other companies do the same.

Unified Office is working at full force to help its customers get through the next few months, the company says. Founder Ray Pasquale started the company because he saw SMBs getting tired of clipped, garbled and dropped VoIP calls and failed conference calls—something that’s being exacerbated by COVID 19 due to the increase of remote workers.

Unified Office can help streamline services such as call routing, phone configuration, and IoT deployments.