PCCW Global Named Supplier on Crown Commercial Service Education Technology framework

PCCW Global has been named a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Education Technology framework to provide broadband fiber infrastructure and broadband services to all public sector educational organizations in the United Kingdom following a rigorous tender process.

Under the agreement, PCCW Global will be able to provision the design and installation of broadband fiber infrastructure, provision the fiber to the premises, testing of fiber, and “last mile” installation. PCCW Global is also approved to provide connectivity services including the supply of full fiber broadband services (new services/upgrades of existing), support and maintenance, internet filtering, firewall, e-Safety and IP connectivity.

This agreement, which runs until June 2022, assures that PCCW Global’s services are now available to all public sector educational organizations including schools, academies, colleges, universities and other educational establishments in the U.K. Inclusion as a supplier in the Education Technology framework is an exciting opportunity for the company to deliver its wide array of high-quality communication services into this key sector.

Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector in seeking to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2018/19, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits worth £945 million (about $1.2 million)— supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.

Education is changing rapidly, but many institutions still seek high-quality and cost-effective connectivity. With services increasingly delivered online and students themselves required to use connected devices in the classroom, it is imperative to deliver new services and improve the educational experience to these areas. There is also a growing demand in the education sector for technology to increase efficiency, to save not only operating costs but also to improve a building’s environmental credentials.

The CCS framework provides a way for providers to deliver these services, enabling cost effective and efficient procurement decisions to be made. Being a named supplier, PCCW Global is now perfectly placed to deliver new and revolutionary technologies into this sector.