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Friday, April 16, 2021

Phonism Selected by Ribbon for Cloud Management of Desk Phones and More

Phonism has been selected by Ribbon Communications to co-develop, jointly market, and sell IP device management solutions to carriers and enterprise customers deploying Ribbon’s EdgeView Service Control Center.

EdgeView is Ribbon’s globally deployed network management platform that enables service providers and enterprises to monitor, troubleshoot, and quickly rectify problems, significantly reducing the number of service issues and driving savings in overall installation costs and customer care. Phonism’s IP device management solutions are now available to Ribbon’s enterprise and service provider users of EdgeView. The addition of Phonism enhances EdgeView’s capabilities to remotely configure, monitor, and update a wide range of IP endpoints in the cloud.

With Phonism now integrated into EdgeView’s service control center, provisioning and managing any SIP device, including ATAs, desk phones, video, or conference devices, is simplified. Phonism eliminates manual provisioning and enables a completely zero-touch support process, and as a result, IT managers and telecom support teams are freed up to focus on high priority activities. At the same time, Phonism’s cloud-based technology handles the devices’ ongoing management, keeping them up to date with already proven and vetted software and firmware updates.

Major service providers and enterprises around the world rely upon EdgeView for industry-leading service assurance, security and application prioritization. By leveraging Phonism’s REST API, Ribbon was able to incorporate additional device management capabilities into EdgeView. With the integration of Phonism, EdgeView now delivers detailed device management features and workflows, enabling simple yet powerful cloud-based control over any supported device.

With Phonism, EdgeView offers service providers, partners, and enterprises even more support in provisioning and migrating all the leading IP endpoints. With the Phonism integration, EdgeView’s strong track record of delivering operations savings now also helps overcome the financial and perceptual barrier of existing hardware and service migration faced during the customer acquisition process.

Licensed as a subscription service, Phonism is priced based upon the volume of devices being managed. The service is available immediately through EdgeView.

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