Neurala Launches Global Channel Partner Program

Neurala has announced the launch of its Neurala VIA authorized partner program, to help manufacturers leverage the power of vision AI to improve quality inspection and adapt to fluctuating consumer demand.

Neurala VIA authorized partners are a global network of integrators and distributors with expertise in helping manufacturers adopt automation and implement Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Neurala’s channel program brings broader adoption and accessibility to Neurala VIA software, an integrated solution to help manufacturers improve quality inspection on the production line while scaling to meet product demands. In a time when flexibility and scalability are more important than ever before, Neurala’s partner program will ensure that distributors and systems integrators play a central role in enabling manufacturers to implement vision AI – and to do so quickly – in order to adapt. In cases where deep learning has previously been too costly or time-intensive to implement, this represents a significant paradigm shift and offers strong return on investment.