Comstar Technologies and Verkada Announce New Partnership

Comstar Technologies has announced a partnership with Verkada, a cloud-based physical security provider.

Verkada provides real-time visibility into buildings by seamlessly combining video footage with access-based events in a simple, cloud-managed platform. The addition of Verkada’s suite of solutions allows Comstar to further enhance their security offering while continuing to ensure their customers have access to the most advanced solutions on the market.

Comstar and Verkada aim to help organizations move away from the outdated and complex offerings of traditional closed-circuit television or access control. Users no longer need to manage on-premise servers, maintain software or face limitations as their organization’s scale – the Verkada physical security solution is built for limitless scalability across any number of sites.

Customers also benefit from a powerful cloud-based software platform to easily manage their buildings. Verkada’s solution is designed for simplicity, so teams across facilities and security can seamlessly manage their buildings without a dependency on IT.

On Tuesday, September 15, Comstar will host a webinar showcasing a preview of their new Verkada offerings.