Rafay Launches Alliance Program to Tame Kubernetes Management

Rafay Systems, a leading platform provider for Kubernetes Management and Operations, announced the launch of the Rafay Technical Alliance Program. Driven by customer demand, the program accelerates the ongoing innovation effort between Rafay and strategic partners to deliver enhanced value to mutual customers.

Kubernetes adoption within enterprises frequently is stalled by the overwhelming number of software add-ons that require extensive integration and maintenance, especially as the number of workloads and clusters increase. As a result, enterprises struggle to manage the growing time, cost and resources required to manage this “Kubernetes jigsaw puzzle.”

To alleviate these burdens and ensure the success of enterprise Kubernetes projects, market leaders including GitLab Inc., F5 NGINX, MinIO, New Relic, Sysdig and others have partnered with Rafay to deliver ready to use, technical integrations across numerous software categories that are critical for modern applications and Kubernetes environments.

Rafay also introduced its Kubernetes Addon Catalog, making it easy for enterprise platform teams to add and configure software add-ons in cluster blueprints and for developers to self-service curated cluster configurations, in just a few clicks.

The rise in the adoption of container technology and the need for companies to remain agile while deploying products at scale has contributed to the burgeoning global application container market, expected to reach $12 billion by 2028. However, platform teams and developers are overburdened with the overhead associated with integrating and managing the myriad of software add-ons and require a better way to standardize the software development process and improve developer efficiency. If these complex environments are not appropriately managed, productivity issues can grow.

“No Kubernetes deployment is an island. To be successful, Kubernetes requires a number of integrated add-ons to integrate and work harmoniously,” said Mahesh Chaudhari, vice president of global business development and alliances at Rafay Systems. “Working alongside our customers and market-leading partners, Rafay has strategically selected the solutions critical to making modern infrastructure operations simple, fast and accessible — driving end-user innovation to meet enterprise demand.”

Partner participation in the Rafay Technical Alliance Program grants access to in-depth technical and sales training, Kubernetes experts, co-selling and co-marketing resources for a “better together” technological experience for mutual customers. As a result, Rafay and its partners provide enterprises with a seamless experience for best-in-class innovation.

To learn more about how Rafay and its partnerships can help solve Kubernetes challenges, schedule a demo. If you’re interested in joining Rafay’s partner ecosystem, sign up here.