Rubrik Expands Ransomware Recovery Warranty

Rubrik announced businesses can gain additional confidence their data is recoverable following a cyber-attack with a ransomware warranty that includes the company’s isolated cloud archival service.

Customers using Rubrik Cloud Vault, built on Microsoft Azure, can benefit from the assurance that Rubrik will pay up to $5 million in recovery-related costs, in the event Rubrik is unable to recover secured data.

As ransomware continues to impact companies, Rubrik Cloud Vault delivers a managed, secure and isolated cloud archival service built on Microsoft Azure. Through the integration with Microsoft Azure, Rubrik Cloud Vault simplifies air-gapping of critical data and provides end-to-end data immutability to ensure data are not compromised, corrupted or maliciously deleted. With Rubrik Cloud Vault, customers are equipped to recover their data as cyber-attacks increase in volume and sophistication.

Rubrik launched the Ransomware Recovery Warranty in 2021 to give customers added assurance their data secured in Rubrik’s Enterprise Edition would be recoverable, regardless of cyber incidents or natural disasters. Rubrik’s Warranty offerings cover expenses related to data recovery and restoration if Rubrik is unable to recover data following a ransomware attack.

Learn more about the Rubrik Ransomware Recovery Warranty and Rubrik Cloud Vault.