ScanSource Appoints New Euro Prez

ScanSource has appointed James Vickerage as president of ScanSource Communications in Europe, where he will lead all of the business unit’s operations throughout Europe.

Vickerage joined ScanSource through the company’s 2014 acquisition of Imago, a European value-added distributor of video and voice communications equipment and services. He joined Imago in 1997 and worked in senior sales and marketing roles for the company. Prior to his appointment of president, Vickerage served as vice president in the UK and Ireland for ScanSource, where he led the sales, merchandising and marketing teams.

“Since the acquisition, James has held strategic leadership roles within ScanSource Communications in Europe,” said Buck Baker, president of Worldwide Communications and Services for ScanSource. “His extensive experience in the industry, as well as his wealth of knowledge of our suppliers and partners, will serve the company well as James takes on this new leadership role.”

Ian Vickerage, formerly president of ScanSource in Europe, has completed his work at the company with the successful promotion of James to his new position.

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