ScanSource Expands ‘Bank of Intelisys’ Funds

Intelisys Inc. has expanded its Partner Investment and Advanced Commissions programs with an investment by its new parent, ScanSource. Intelisys will have access to borrowings under a $300 million committed credit facility.

In the six years since the launch of the Partner Investment Program, followed three years later by the Advanced Commissions Program, (which the company refers to as the “Bank of Intelisys”) Intelisys has provided more than $5 million in business loans to qualified sales partners looking to expand their businesses.

“Engaging strategically in our sales partners businesses through allocating the funds they need for growth, and helping to guide them on key, impactful investment strategies – these have been some of the greatest privileges over the past six years,” said Rick Dellar, Intelisys co-founder. “ScanSource’s willingness to invest is a testament to the strength and potential of our sales partner community and the commitment ScanSource has made to support us in enabling their success.”

“In our research into Intelisys, one of the things that impressed us most was how the technology services distributor had strategically created innovative programs to invest in and get closer to its Partner community, directly impacting and enabling its growth,” said Mike Baur, ScanSource CEO. “It only makes sense to open this even wider, and put the strength of ScanSource behind these very successful programs.”

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