SIPPIO Launches Fast-track Accelerator Program

SIPPIO, a leading voice enablement platform for global business, announced the launch of its Fast Track Accelerator program developed to enable expedited cloud voice deployments for carrier and service provider’s customers using Microsoft and Zoom cloud-based services including Microsoft Operator Connect, Microsoft Direct Routing, Zoom Peering, as well as the Zoom Provider Exchange.

Through the program, carriers and service providers become fully compliant with the architecture and automations required for wholesale certification into the Microsoft Operator Connect and Zoom Provider Exchange ecosystems. For resellers, the program provides a rapid pathway to begin selling retail voice subscriptions.

SIPPIO has been a leader in enterprise voice enablement since 2019. The Fast Track program allows network operators and carriers to become Microsoft and Zoom providers, with a fully customizable – white labeled platform – offering prebuilt services and infrastructure for complete enablement. The accelerator program spans more than 74 countries, offering service providers and carriers the opportunity to enable voice in Microsoft and Zoom to their enterprise customers through a single unified platform. Partners can activate customers through automated end-user experiences to increase the return on investment into their collaboration suite.

“We’ve created an easy-to-follow onboarding process to expedite the required architecture and technical requirements to enable global operators the opportunity to offer Microsoft and Zoom solutions through a single platform. In addition, SIPPIO guides carriers through the readiness process to develop marketing, outreach, collateral, and more,” said Dawn-Marie Elder, COO and General Manager of SIPPIO. “When people look to purchase a vehicle, they don’t look for vehicles that they need to build themselves, they want a prebuilt vehicle they can hop right into and drive off the lot as quickly as possible. Our Fast Track Accelerator program allows carriers to do just that with Microsoft Operator Connect and Zoom Provider Exchange solutions. Our partners can speed off the lot as quickly as possible with their voice enablement and customer experience programs – quickly, proactively, and efficiently.”

SIPPIO guides the carrier through the entire process to maximize engagement with the customer. The comprehensive program covers building offers, working with partners to develop compelling value propositions, go-to-market strategies, prospecting, sales training, marketing assets, and more. SIPPIO helps the carrier identify the components they need to complete their cloud voice enablement offer and quickly get to market.

“Early on, we identified that carriers were struggling to build their customer experience and automation programs. Our Fast Track program is the vehicle we use to guide our carriers through the entire process and build their confidence in accelerating their efforts in the new world of voice,” continues Elder.

Microsoft and Zoom enablement solutions include 360-degree full-stack integrations to API-only access – partners can also pick and choose the components of the SIPPIO platform they need to build or augment their future-proof phone service.

For information about SIPPIO’s Fast Track Accelerator program, click here.