Snom Americas Chooses Industry Visionary as Channel VP

Snom Americas has appointed Marc Magliano as the Vice President, Channel Business for the Americas. The appointment marks a seminal stride towards fostering robust channel and telecoms reseller relationships, ensuring innovation remains at the forefront of Snom’s agenda.

Boasting an illustrious three-decade career in channel sales and distribution channel leadership, Magliano (right) is no stranger to crafting robust channel strategies. His appointment comes in alignment with Snom’s commitment to revitalizing its channel strategy and nurturing strategic collaborations that underpin mutual growth and success.

Magliano’s aptitude spans a broad spectrum, from handling broad-line and boutique distribution to ensuring efficient market penetration of products and services. His dexterity in channel sales, management, and marketing is accentuated by the myriad successful campaigns and strategies he has orchestrated over the years.

He possesses a knack for creating and implementing partner programs, understanding the intricacies of business negotiation to ensure a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

Magliano’s forward-thinking approach dovetails with Snom’s ethos of innovation. His role as a go-to-market strategist, coupled with his adeptness in drafting channel business plans, amplifies Snom’s positioning in the competitive market.

Beyond his technical prowess, Magliano’s leadership acumen shines through. A natural team builder known for fostering an environment of growth, collaboration and innovation, his mentorship abilities have influenced many careers, steering them towards success in the realm of channel sales. His expertise in recruitment ensures the assembly of a stellar team, propelling collective success.

Magliano’s proficiency in areas like SaaS, VoIP, Telco, UC, SDWAN, and Enterprise & OEM sales, coupled with his understanding of branding, amplifies his capability to position Snom in the market.

This appointment heralds a phase of refined channel strategies and enhanced strategic partnerships for Snom Americas, with Magliano at the helm steering the brand towards a future filled with growth, innovation and success.

For additional insights on our partner programs, visit the Snom website or contact its sales desk at or 339-327-6179.