StorONE Offers Per Drive Pricing Model

StorONE announced a new pricing model that enables customers to scale for free, driven by a significant software update to the StorONE Storage Engine. The combination enables companies to improve performance, increase density, lower costs and end storage migrations.

StorONE’s Scale-for-Free pricing is based on the number of drives in use rather than total capacity. The model breaks free of expensive capacity-based license schemes that punish customers for using high-density drives, keeping them from enjoying hardware innovation.

The StorONE Storage Engine is a complete rewrite of storage I/O, auto-tiering and erasure coding, enabling customers to enjoy the benefits of modern flash and hard disk drive densities without risking data or performance. StorONE’s pricing encourages the use of the highest-density drives available and upgrades as higher-density options become available, without data migration and without paying additional software license fees.

Powering the pricing model is an update to the StorONE Storage Engine, available now. Introducing an advanced auto-tiering algorithm that provides consistent performance in hybrid configurations, combined with StorONE vRAID, the company’s RAID rebuild capabilities, organizations can use high-density flash and hard disk drives without concern of inconsistent performance or prolonged drive-recovery efforts.

Metadata management has been enhanced, enabling customers to scale to 20 PBs without needing a TB+ of memory. And, with StorONE’s pricing, there is no penalty for moving to the higher-density drives.

As ransomware continues to be a daily threat to most organizations, StorONE has enhanced its 360-degree ransomware protection with new telemetry information that alerts when an organization is under attack and pinpoints the best immutable copy of data to use for recovery. Additional protection has been added with two-factor authentication to help prohibit unauthorized access.

Moving away from a one-size-fits-all that is typical in the industry, StorONE provides data encryption on either an application level, where supported or volume level, where more appropriate, as with NAS or some hypervisors. Organizations that require complete encryption across all data can select self-encrypting drives, which the new release supports.

Additional features include:

  • HTML5 GUI interface allows control of the StorONE engine from any location and almost any device.
  • RESTful API support enables automation and integration of StorONE into existing operations consoles.